Eurostars is a programme developed by a collection of 33 European and peripheral States in the frame of the EUREKA network and in collaboration with the European Commission. 

This programme aims to provide SMEs which have research and development activities with a support tool especially adapted to their needs in order to reinforce their competitiveness on European and international markets.

The projects supported are projects coordinated by SMEs which aim to develop a new, technologically innovative product, process or service with a view to quick access to markets. With the programme's approach being purely bottom-up, all non-military technological themes are accepted.

Owing to the small size of the projects submitted (average of 3 to 4 partners), and the ease of the procedures compared to other European programmes, Eurostars enables companies which have never participated in a European project, but which demonstrate very high technological innovation potential, to benefit from a first experience in international collaboration.

The projects selected are financed by national funding agencies (Innoviris for Brussels) according to their own specific funding rules.

Project call 'Smart mobility and logistics'

In collaboration with the innovation agencies of Flanders, Wallonia and the Netherlands, Innoviris will launch a project call for innovative projects about smart mobility and logistics.

The project call focuses on specialists in the mobility and logistics sector as well as on players in the IT sector (VR, AR, AI, BigData, 5G...) whose technologies can have an impact on the mobility and logistics sectors.

Are you an entrepreneur or researcher looking for a specific solution? Or do you have a solution to offer? Sign up for our matchmaking event, where you will have the opportunity to meet potential project partners from Belgium and the Netherlands.


The projects must meet all of the eligibility criteria defined by the Eurostars programme. Furthermore, in order to obtain funding, each partner must meet the eligibility criteria defined by its national funding agency.

For Brussels enterprises, the financing conditions are as follows.

Innoviris' criteria:
  • develop all or some of its activities within the territory covered by the Brussels-Capital Region

  • present an innovative RDI project likely to have a favourable impact on employment and/or sustainable development of the Brussels-Capital Region

  • show one's ability to finance one's share in the project

  • have fulfilled its obligations in the context of previous support initiatives allocated by the Region.

Eurostars programme criteria:
  • The projects may concern all sectors of activity but must have a civilian purpose. 

  • The consortium's leader must be a SME with a major RDI activity from a Eurostars member country (33 States).

  • The projects must associate at least two partners from two Eurostars member countries. Research organisations are eligible, but SMEs with a major RDI activity must represent more than 50% of the project's costs.

  • The projects may not last for more than 36 months.

  • The aim of the projects must be the development of a new product, process or service which must be brought to market (or clinically tested) within two years following the project's closure.

  • None of the partners can represent more than 75% of the project's costs.

  • The call for proposals is constantly open, the proposals are collected and evaluated twice a year (2 cut-off dates).

  • All the participants must have a legal status.

The Eurostars projects must be submitted via the tool available on the Eurostars website.

Furthermore, if you want to obtain funding from Innoviris, your application must be submitted to Innoviris within 7 days following the cut-off date. Applications may be submitted to Innoviris using a form.

Type of financial intervention

Financial aid may be allocated as a grant or in the form of a recoverable advance.

Rate of financial intervention (maximum)

  Industrial research Experimental development Innovation in procedures


Grant                  Advance


Micro enterprise/Small enterprise


45%                       60%


Medium enterprise


35%                      50%


Large enterprise


25%                      40%


The basic rate may be increased by 15% in the case of actual cooperation with a Belgian or foreign company. The rate of intervention is limited to 80%.

Research organisations (universities and higher education institutions) may also benefit from Eurostars aid

Financial aid for the preparation of your Eurostars project may be obtained via Connect.

Contact and additional information

For further information about the Eurostars programme, consult the detailed sheet presenting the Eurostars programme or the initiative's website.


Innoviris contact person


Jonathan Duplicy

Scientific Advisor

Industrial Research and Innovation Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 52