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Co-create - Urban Resilience

Through the Co-create programme, Innoviris wishes to bring closer the Brussels population, the world of research and innovation and the corporate world.

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Because every crisis is an opportunity to evolve towards a sustainable and better future, Innoviris supports, through the Co-Create action, research and development for urban resilience.

Brussels citizen become a researchers in their own laboratory, Brussels ! Co-Create currently contains more than 16 projects. Nearly 70 different research institutions, non-profit associations and companies in Brussels are experimenting and working with Brussels citizens to find innovative solutions for the societal challenges they face.

The 2018 project call will give you the opportunity to take part in this adventure and to find a new way to a sustainable and desirable future for Brussels and all its inhabitants!




2018 edition

The Co-create action for urban resilience in the Brussels-Capital Region

It's good to imagine possible futures, to have ideas, to ask questions or to propose an innovation... But being able to really explore and experience them is better!

In a "Co-create" project, all the actors involved begin the exploratory expedition. They focus on their values, needs and expectations while taking into account the reality and constraints. We know together what we hope to discover, the answers we are looking for, and together we understand why we are doing this or that experience. These quests, questions and experiences make sense for the whole crew.

Through the Co-create action, Innoviris hopes that the explorations, experiences and acquisition of new knowledge will take place in the real-life environment of the people concerned. It is not a question of working in a closed laboratory, a garage, a meeting room. You have to anchor the project in its real environment.


Brussels entities able to submit an application to Innoviris in the frame of this call for projects are:

Freelancers who are not associated with one of the legal entities corresponding to those mentioned above may not submit an application. Nevertheless, they may participate in a project as a sub-contractor.

The project can be carried out by a Brussels entity (isolated entity) or a consortium of Brussels entities. In the case of a consortium project, a coordinator must be identified. The latter will act as the main contact point and will be responsible for the internal coordination of the project.

Non-Brussels entities that do not belong to one of the above categories may associate themselves as a project partner but are not eligible for a subsidy from the Region.


The call for projects has been open since 11 December 2017 and contains two phases: a project outline and a full proposal. The various important documents can be found in the toolbox available on the French or Dutch version of this page:

  • "Co-Create full proposal Form 2018" is the document to be completed.

  • "What is Co-create ?" explain in detail what the action is and what are the important questions to ask yourself?

  • "How do I apply?" is a document that explains all the administrative procedures to follow.

Full proposals must be submitted by the single entity or by the coordinator no later than 12.00 noon on 10 January 2019 to Innoviris using the form available in the toolbox.


Type and duration of financial intervention

Financial aid may be allocated as a grant. 

Projects may not under any circumstances exceed 3 years.


Rate of intervention (maximum)

The basic rate may be increased by 15% in the case of actual cooperation with one (or several) other stakeholders for the project's implementation. The rate of intervention is limited to 80%.

  1. You are a non-profit association which does not have an economic activity (no turnover resulting from an offer of goods or services). In this case, Innoviris can intervene up to 100% in your project;

  2. You are a non-profit association with occasional economic activities. These economic activities cannot be a daily part of the association's activities.

    In practical terms, the capacity allocated to these economic activities annually cannot exceed 20% of the total annual capacity of the association in question (material, equipment, labour and fixed capital). To evaluate this, Innoviris will rely on either cost accounting statements or turnover (sales, services and similar) which must account for less than 20% of total income (including contributions, donations, legacies and subsidies).

    In this case, Innoviris can intervene up to 100% in your project.

  3. You are a non-profit association with regular economic activities (the capacity allocated to economic activity annually exceeds 20% of the total annual capacity, see point 2 below for the evaluation of this criterion by Innoviris).
    In this case, the association is considered a business and you must refer to the previous section relating to businesses.

    For intervention rates less than 100%, the entity must demonstrate its ability to finance its share of the project through funds other than public financing. Proof of the share may be provided by various documents (balance sheet, bank statement, capital, bank loans, etc.).

More information

Do you have any more questions? Please contact: 


Innoviris contact person


Xavier Hulhoven

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 68