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Attract - Brains for Brussels

Brains for Brussels


The objective of the Attract programme is to encourage researchers to carry out their research activities in Brussels.

Through this programme, a researcher who has the intention of moving to Brussels benefits from a financial intervention for a development or innovation scientific research project. 

Expatriate Belgian researchers as much as foreign researchers are targeted by this programme, which aims to combat the brain drain.

The researcher will be supported by funding to the host university or higher education institution.



Those able to benefit from Attract aid are universities or higher education institutions hosting:

a researcher with a doctorate,

  • who has been on a post-doctoral stay overseas for at least two years

  • OR who has held a R&D position within a Belgian or foreign enterprise for at least two of the past three years. In this case, the researcher is not eligible if he currently occupies, or has occupied for the past 12 months, a position within a Belgian academic institution

Find out more about the eligibility conditions for Attract. Please consult the rules available in the French and Dutch version of the website.

How to submit an application

Applications may be submitted to Innoviris at any time of the year using the form available in the in the French and Dutch version of the website.

The application should be submitted by the academic authorities with the help of the research coordination services at the university or higher education institution. Please contact your TTO department or, for the VUB, R&D department if you require any further information.

The documents will have received the approval of the researcher's host entity.


Type of financial intervention

Financial aid may be allocated as a grant. It covers: 

  • the full-time salary or grant of the researcher (defined in consultation with the beneficiary's research coordination service),

  • logistical support for the project's implementation with a maximum of €25,000 per year. This envelope enables the hiring (part-time) of a doctoral student and/or technician assisting the researcher in the project's implementation. Academic sub-contracting expenses may also be charged to this expenses item,

  • Operating costs directly related to the project's implementation (excluding the running costs of the research unit concerned) with a maximum of €25,000 per year,

  • If necessary, repatriation costs with a maximum of €1,500,

  • General costs (maximum 10% of eligible costs).


Innoviris contact person


Stijn Maas

Scientific Advisor

Industrial Research and Innovation Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 67