Brussels Food Technology Center


BRUFOTEC is a non-profit organisation, the main role of which is to help Brussels enterprises active in the food sector to set up and monitor food safety and hygiene standards (meat, fish, catering, etc. sectors).

Therefore, BRUFOTEC has an information mission for SME from the agri-food sector with regard to the problem of quality and also provides them with personalised help in order to comply with new legislation.

In concrete terms, it is in charge of:

  • Resolving occasional and urgent problems (legislation, technical information, telephone advice, etc.).

  • Concluding support contracts (SB) in the field of food hygiene: HACCP audits or audits based on other guidelines (BRC, Fedis Food, sectoral guide, etc.), setting up of a quality system (HACCP, BRC, etc.), hygiene training for staff, drawing up of cleaning/disinfection plans, microbiological analyses and shelf life studies, hygienograms, aerograms, etc.

  • Monitoring and maintenance of systems set up by BRUFOTEC in order to help manufacturers to maintain the quality systems implemented over time (HACCP, BRC, etc.) via audits, sometimes associated with hygienograms and the microbiological analyses of products.



BRUFOTEC's team comprises 4 advisers (3.5 full-time equivalents): Two "senior" engineers/advisers and two "junior" advisers, one of which is an engineer and one a graduate.

The non-profit association's staff is trained mainly in the field of food safety with, in addition, good knowledge of the SME approach. Special importance is paid to on-going improvement, as well as to the constant updating of new requirements in the fields of hygiene, quality and management in the agri-food sector.


Funding by Innoviris

The non-profit association BRUFOTEC is funded 100% by Innoviris. It has an average annual budget of €400,000.

For further information about BRUFOTEC's activities, consult the BRUFOTEC website.