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The Doctiris programme aims to encourage partnerships between the academic sector and the industrial sector in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Through a call for projects, the programme aims to finance doctoral thesis projects in applied research carried out in collaboration with an industrial partner (in-enterprise doctorate). This implies that the researcher spends at least 50% of the project's duration with the partner enterprise. The research organisation is the beneficiary of the financial intervention.

During the project's implementation, the researcher is supervised by his promoter in the research organisation and by a sponsor in the partner enterprise. 

Ultimately, the doctoral theses financed must make a positive contribution to the development of the economy and employment in the Brussels-Capital Region.


The project's promoter (a professor or researcher from the applicant research organisations) submits the project for approval to its authority which submits it to Innoviris in the name of its research organisation during the call for projects (from March to May) using the form available in the French and Dutch version of the website. 

Your funding application must pre-date the candidate's registration for the doctorate.

On this subject, please contact the "Interface" department (Technological Transfer Office - TTO) of the research organisation hosting the candidate. The interface's representative helps with the project's preparation, relations between the project's academic and industrial partners and coordinates the submission of applications to Innoviris.

Innoviris contact person


Julie Verstraeten

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tél. +32 2 600 50 70



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