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ECSEL is a programme co-financed by the European Union and national funding agencies (including Innoviris) in order to support RDI in the field of electronic components and systems (embedded computer systems, nanotechnologies and the integration of intelligent or cyber-physical systems).

The objective of this programme is the creation of a critical mass in this sector in order to reinforce the European excellence and competitiveness of our companies on the global electronics market.

This programme is part of the European framework programme Horizon 2020 and, therefore, complies with its conditions and rules, nevertheless, owing to its public-private partnership nature, it involves, in a tripartite manner, Member States as well as European enterprise associations from the sector in the programme's governance and the funding of projects.

The projects expected must focus on:

  • the design or production of electronic component systems and/or

  • the application of these technologies to one of the five major societal challenges identified by the programme's authorities (Smart Mobility, Society, energy, health or production)

The projects must comply with all the eligibility criteria defined by the Horizon 2020 programme, as defined on the ECSEL website and on the European Commission's Participant Portal. Furthermore, in order to obtain co-funding, each partner must meet the eligibility criteria defined by its national funding agency.

For Brussels enterprises wishing to benefit from Innoviris funding, the financing conditions are as follows.

  • develop all or some of its R&D activities within the territory covered by the Brussels-Capital Region

  • present an innovative RDI project likely to have a favourable impact on employment and/or sustainable development of the Brussels-Capital Region

  • show one's ability to finance one's share in the project

  • have fulfilled its obligations in the context of previous support initiatives allocated by the Region.

The ECSEL projects must be submitted via the tool available on the European Commission's Participant Portal.

Furthermore, if you want to obtain funding from Innoviris, an application must be submitted in parallel to Innoviris via the form available in the toolbox on this page.

Type of financial intervention

Financial aid may be allocated as a grant.


Rate of financial intervention (maximum)

  Industrial research Experimental development Innovation in procedures


Grant                  Advance


Micro enterprise/Small enterprise


45%                       60%


Medium enterprise


35%                      50%


Large enterprise


25%                      40%


The basic rate may be increased by 15% in the case of actual cooperation with a Belgian or foreign company. The rate of intervention is limited to 80%.

ATTENTION: Funding allocated by the ECSEL secretariat must be subtracted from these rates.

Research organisations (universities and higher education institutions) may also benefit from ECSEL aid

Financial aid for the preparation of your ECSEL project may be obtained via Connect.


Contact and additional information

For further information about the ECSEL programme, consult the detailed sheet presenting the ECSEL programme or the ECSEL website.


Innoviris contact person


Marianne Da Silva

International Projects Advisor

Industrial Research and Innovation Team

Tel: +32 2 600 50 20