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BIFROST logoBIFROST-ONE - Call for projects 2016-2017

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There is a great lack of qualified young people in sciences and engineering in Europe. STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are still not very popular. In order to encourage young people's interest in these studies, Innoviris has decided to launch the BIFROST-ONE campaign.

BIFROST-ONE offers pupils in the last year of secondary school in the Brussels Capital Region the opportunity to think of, develop and carry out a scientific and/or technological experiment in weightlessness during a parabolic flight.


Do your pupils also dream of developing a scientific space project and have it travel on board a weightless flight? Thanks to BIFROST-ONE you can make this dream come true.
BIFROST-ONE shows how important new technologies are in the discovery of space, and places dreams and emotions at the centre of the scientific adventure.

This is also the message Brussels wants to send to the younger generations. Therefore, Innoviris has decided to organise and support the BIFROST-ONE project during the school year 2016-2017.


12 teams are selected to participate at BIFROST ONE ! 

  • The "Stativity" team from le Collège Saint-Pierre de Jette

  • The "Verwée" team from l'Athénée Alfred Verwée

  • The "Zero Gravity Bubbles" team from the Koninklijk Atheneum Etterbeek

  • The "Ceres Project" team from le Collège Jean XXIII

  • The "Leo Minot" team from l'Athénée Marguerite Yourcenar

  • The "0G^EEB3" team from l'Ecole Européenne de Bruxelles III

  • The "Telerobotics" team of the Sint-Pieterscollege

  • The "Awesmosis" team from l'Ecole Européenne de Bruxelles IV

  • The "BiOG" team from l'Institut Sainte-Ursule

  • The "WALAC" team from le Centre Scolaire Saint-Michel

  • The "The Big Bubble Theory" team from l'Institut Saint-André



The reports have to be sent to

  • The deadline of the first report is Friday January, 20 2017

  • The deadline of the second report is Monday February 20, 2017

  • The deadline of the third report is Wednesday March 17, 2017

This template will help you to write your report. Don't forget to read the guidelines to know what activities are allowed during the flight.


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Sebastien Rush

Tel. +32 2 600 50 11