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Science Mundi

Call for projects aimed at raising awareness about sciences among young people

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Fadila Laanan, State Secretary for Scientific Research, has decided to launch a second edition of  the campaign "Science Mundi" to promote the living together. This campaign is intended to value the contribution to science made by the different civilisations in the world and throughout history.


With Science Mundi, Innoviris is launching a call for projects to promote sciences by emphasising the relation between arts and sciences. This call for projects stimulates the creativity based on the complementarity between arts and sciences: the contribution of sciences to arts as well as the opposite, and science as an inspiration for artists. The relation between arts and sciences expresses itself by the role of the artist-scholar in history and the role of the current scientist-artist.

The development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, are changing the world of contemporary art and evoke questions such as: what's the boundary between arts and sciences? Can machines create art?  

The call is intended to provide financial support to micro-projects aimed at raising awareness among the inhabitants of Brussels about sciences and technology, the studies that lead to these and the possibilities they offer.

Do you want to participate in this call for projects? Fill out the form (available in French or Dutch).


Criteria for promoters
  • Any not-for-profit structure or entity (natural persons are excluded) with or without legal personality established on Belgian territory is eligible

  • Preference will be given to actors established in the Brussels Capital Region

Criteria for projects

​​​The promoter undertakes to supply an explanatory and illustrated information sheet after completion of the project (A4 – electronic format), which will be published on the websites of the Brussels Capital Region and Innoviris

  • The projects must be aimed at all inhabitants of Brussels

  • The main objective of the projects must be to raise awareness among the target audience about sciences and technology by means of an activity that is adapted to the target audience

  • The programme exclusively finances original initiatives and actions aimed at raising awareness about sciences and technology among young people, not the regular, recurrent activity of the applicant

  • The proposed project must be a local and/or regional initiative, and the target audience must be well-defined

  • The project methodology, the pedagogical approach proposed to reach the objective, and the expected impact of the project must be presented explicitly. Projects that are merely aimed at purchasing materials, disseminating information, offering services or setting up partnerships do not qualify

  • Free participation in the action by the public

  • The project must take place between 1 July 2016 and 30 June

  • The promoter undertakes to supply an explanatory and illustrated information sheet after completion of the project (A4 – electronic format), which will be published on the websites of the Brussels Capital Region and Innoviris 

  • Innoviris reserves the right to photograph or film, or have photographed or filmed, at its own expense, the performance or the results of the financed actions with a view to their inclusion in scientific or technical publications, the promotion of sciences, or the publication of subsidies granted. These publications may be both in printed and in electronic form and are intended for large-scale distribution among specialised actors or the general public. Therefore, the promoter agrees to the making, displaying, distribution and publication of images of the financed actions. The promoter undertakes to refrain from demanding compensation and shall hold Innoviris harmless against any demand for compensation from other persons. If minors are involved, Innoviris undertakes to take the necessary steps to try and obtain permission from the persons legally responsible.

Applications must be submitted to Innoviris, for the attention of Mr Montserrate Pascual Roca, at the latest before 30 March 2017 (the postal date will serve as proof).  


Chaussée de Charleroisesteenweg 110 - B-1060 Brussel

The promoter must fill in an application form containing the key elements for the submission of his project. The form can be downloaded on: 
Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Selection criteria

  • In the selection of the projects account will be taken of the specific efforts made by promoters to encourage equal opportunities and awareness raising among disadvantaged groupps

  • Preference will exclusively be given to projects relating to the theme of 'Science Mundi'

  • Preference will be given to partnerships of two or more qualifying actors for one action. In such case, the grant awarded will be increased by € 7,000 per extra entity (for instance, an association consisting of 2 entities will receive a grant amounting to € 17,000)

  • Concrete links between sciences and cultural diversity

  • Relevance of the project compared to the objectives and themes described in this call for projects, practical feasibility and coherence of the planned action

  • Evaluation of the impact on the target audience in terms of awareness building and cost per person

A jury will make a ranking of all eligible projects based on the criteria listed above.


Funding of the projects

  • In principle, the grant is limited to € 10,000 per project. This is the maximum amount and is not necessarily equal to the amount that will be awarded to the project in case it is selected

  • The maximum amount for collaborative projects is € 17,000 per project in which 2 actors collaborate, € 24,000 per project in which 3 actors collaborate; € 31,000 per project in which 4 actors collaborate…

  • The promoter must demonstrate that he has access to additional means to carry out his project if needed.


Your Innoviris contactperson


Montserrate Pascual Roca

Tel. +32 2 600 50 65